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Basic Data entry The initial steps to entering data in your spreadsheet
Sizing Rows and Columns for Height and Width
  Part 1
  Part 2
Making rows and columns a height and width that improves readability and navigation of your data
Highlighting Tricks Frequently you need to select multiple cells at a time, sometimes continguous, sometimes not. Selecting multiple cells allows you to format and align data in large chunks rather than singly.
Formatting Data / Toolbars
  Part 1
  Part 2
  Numbers, Currency, etc.
It's all about communication. How your data is layed out and formatted can serve many purposes. See the introductions to these lessons to learn more about the important of formatting. This section covers font, font sizes and colors, alignment, cell borders, cell backgroud colors (fill), and more.
Formatting Palette
More useful than toolbars if you are going to do lots of formatting. It puts all sorts of functions right at your finger tips. Fonts and font styles and colors; alignment; borders; shading...
Print Preview For entering and formatting data, normal view is probably best because it allows you to see the widest swath of data at a time. To get the most accurate view of what your printed data will look like, use Print Preview.
Wrapping data in a cell Handy so that you don't have wicked wide columns or have text bleed from one cell into another.
  Windows and Mac
  Speedy Mac method
A title, especially with a date, can alert readers about what they're seeing.
Review of All the Above An exercise you can use to check your progress.
  Why formulas matter
  The basics
  Copying formulas to adjacent rows or columns
Formulas for attendance

Formulas can help you calculate quickly and efficiently; they also allow results to change automatically as you change or add data.
Sorting Data Sorting your data can help you access information more quickly and assist in seeing trends and patterns


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